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Report Text about Animal (The Sugar Glider)

Most report texts give information about the world and they can be used to document and store information about different subjects. Reports classify and describe living things like plants and animal, non living things like volcanoes, tidal waves, the stars and the things in the society like the way people organize the government, the education system and different kinds of technology like computers, television, mobile phone or satellites. 

Many different kinds of people write reports. Many experts in science and technology write report to give information. People with special interest or hobbies also write reports. 

Some report texts are for written readers who are only just starting to learn about particular animal or machine. Some of them are starting to learn about part of the human or animal body. Others are written for readers who already know a great deal but who want to learn more. 

Some of example of report genre is information about living things (reptile, mammals, etc), information about cultural phenomena, information about technology, information about health service, and so on. Here is one of the examples of report text about animal. This report text give information and describe about an animal namely Sugar Glider.

The Sugar Glider
The Sugar Glider is a marsupial mammal. It is belonging to marsupial infra class.
The Sugar glider does not fly it glides. They glide from branch to branch. The sugar glider launches itself from a tree then spreading it’s limb to exposes the gliding membranes.
Physically, sugar gliders are small animal. They are about 120 g when they are adult. They have grey fur and large dark eyes. The sugar glides have squirrel like a long tail. The sugar glider’s baby have no fur and stay in the mother’s pouches for several weeks
The Sugar gliders are omnivore actually. They eat nectar, sap, flower buds and insects. They consume approximately 11 grams of dry food per day.
The sugar glider is a nocturnal marsupial. They are active at night and shelter in tree hollow lined with leafy twigs during the day.
The sugar gliders can be found through the Northern and Eastern part of mainland Australia, Tasmania Island, New Guinea and Indonesia. 

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Download example of report text about the sugar glider with the analysis of generic structure.

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