Saturday, May 27, 2017

Report Text about the Heart

Report texts give information about things in the world. They are written about living things like plants and animal, non living things like volcano, satellite and the galaxy. Report texts are also written about part of the human or animal body such as lungs, heart, etc, things in society like the way we organize parliaments and different kinds of technology like computers, television or appliances. 

Many different kinds of people write reports. Many experts in science and technology write report to give information. People with special interest or hobbies also write reports. 

Some report texts are for written readers who are only just starting to learn about particular animal or machine. Some of them are starting to learn about part of the human or animal body. Others are written for readers who already know a great deal but who want to learn more. 

Report text which is also known as Report Genre is a kind of factual genre. It is describes the way things are, with references to a whole range of phenomena, natural, synthetic and social in our environment.  Report genre has a specific schematic structure. It is consist of general classification and description. 

Report genre is focus on generic participants or a group of things such as the heart, the body, the lung, the computer, the printer, etc. Report text mainly use of simple present tense (unless extinct). There is no temporal sequence in report text. The writer usually use of “being” and “having” clauses. 

Some of example of report genre is information about living things (reptile, mammals, etc), information about cultural phenomena, information about technology, information about health service, and so on. Here is one of the examples of report text about part of the human body. This report text is usually for reader who just starting to learn about biology especially part of the human body.

The Heart
The heart is a huge organ of muscle.
The function of the heart is to pump the blood through the body. The heart is made up of four chambers, but has two hard working pumps; one is to force blood to the lungs and the other to force blood to the rest of the body.
Each person’s body contains about 4,7 liters of blood. The function of blood is to help carry food and oxygen and the other is to protect us from germs. The tubes that receive blood from the body are called veins. The blood in the veins is dark red because it is full of oxygen. The white cells act to protect the body from invading germs. The blood receives oxygen from the lungs.

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Download example of report text The Heart with the analysis of generic structure.

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