Saturday, May 27, 2017

Report Text about Computer

Report text which is also known as Report Genre is a kind of factual genre. It is describes the way things are, with references to a whole range of phenomena, natural, synthetic and social in our environment.  Report genre has a specific schematic structure. It is consist of general classification and description. 

Report genre is focus on generic participants or a group of things such as the heart, the body, the lung, the computer, the printer, etc. Report text mainly use of simple present tense (unless extinct). There is no temporal sequence in report text. The writer usually use of “being” and “having” clauses. 

Some of example of report genre is information about living things (reptile, mammals, etc), information about cultural phenomena, information about technology, information about health service, and so on. Here is one of the examples of report text about technology. 

A computer is an electric machine used for to make a human’s work easier.
Computers are designed to do many things. Among these is the ability to play games for children. Computers can also do word processing. This means that the computer helps to decide what a piece of writing will look like. Computers can also do audio and video work. This means that people can play music and video in a computer which is completed with active speaker. People also can make music and video using computer.
There are many types of computer. But it is not to mention the number of computer brands. The three main types computer are mainframe computers, micro computers and mini computers.
Mainframe computers are very large computers that are stacked up on frames. They usually have many inputs and output terminal such as keyboard and monitor. They are sometime stacked up in the middle of room although they are generally stacked up against the walls of a room.
Micro computers are the most common type of computers. These computers run on a micro-chip. They can only hold one input and output terminal plus a printer.
Mini computers run on mini-chip. They can do a lot of things that a micro computer can’t. For instance they can support many input and output terminals. They are also a lot of faster than a micro computer.

Well, I think that’s all. Please be a good visitor by commenting or sharing this post. If you interested the report text above, you can download the report text in word in the following link. 

Download example of report text Computer with the analysis of generic structure.

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