Thursday, September 6, 2012

Descriptive Text : Winda's Garden

Descriptive text is a kind of genre or text type which describe a particular things, person or place. Descriptive text is organized by identification and followed by description about the identification. 

For you, who need the example of genre especially Descriptive Text, in this occasion, I give you the example of Descriptive Text which describe particular place.This is just an example, you can use it as a reference and develop the text with your own sentences.  Because it is the simple one.

Winda's Garden

Winda has a beautiful garden. 

Winda's garden is situated in front of the house. It is near the gate. 

There is a tiny pond in the center of the garden. There are many flowers around the pond. They are rose, orchid and jasmine. There is a mango tree on the right corner of the garden. There is a park lamp near the mango tree. There is also a guava tree on the left corner. Winda loves her garden very much. She waters the flowers and plants everyday.

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