Friday, September 7, 2012

Recount Text : Went to Winda's House

Here is another example of Recount text. This Recount text tell us someone's experience in the past. Once again, it is just an example. You can develop this text by your self. 

Went to Winda's House

I went to Winda's house yesterday. I went there with Andre. We wanted to do homework

We did the homework together in front of the house. We discussed the answer seriously. It took approximately 30 minutes to finish the homework. 

After finishing the homework, Winda made rujak for us.  Winda likes spicy food., so she made it very spicy. Actually, I am not used eating spicy food, but yesterday I could not restrain my self from eating it. The rujak was very tasty, although it was spicy. I ate too much. 

The next morning I got stomachache and I could not go to school. I said to my self that I would not eat spicy rujak anymore.

Adapted from English in Focus

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