Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Genre : Exemplum

Hello readers! Again, we are happy to see you again. In this occasion, we are going to present one of story genre; Exemplum. What is exemplum and how it is organized, we will elaborate in the following explanation. 

What is Exemplum?
Exemplum is a kind of story genre . It deals with incidents which are in some respects out of the usual. The incidents it self, dealt with so that they point to some more general value in the cultural context. The significance of the events doesn't lies with in the text but in the cultural context where they exemplify particular value.

What are the generic structure?
Every text type has own characteristics and generic structures. Generic structures tell us about how the texts are organized. The generic structure of Exemplum are : 
  • Abstract (sometimes also known as synopsis) 
  • Orientation
  • Incidents
  • Judgements
  • Re-orientation
What are the language features?
  • The language feature of Exemplum are as follow :
  • It usually use conjunctive relations both temporal and logical. 
  • It usually use exophoric reference (especially in Abstract or synopsis)
  • It usually use of material and action process to explore the incidents. 
  • It uses relational process in order to explore judgements. 
  • It uses text reference and lexical  ties to point  to values  suggested by events. 

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