Thursday, September 13, 2012

Narrative Text : The Story of Surabaya

Hello readers! We are glad to see you again. We give you another example of Narrative text to make you understand genre you learned. In this occasion, you will read "The Story of Surabaya". Enjoy reading this text. Hopefully, you can develop this text with your own writing. Try to write narrative text with your own words.

The Story of Surabaya

Once upon a time, there were two animals living in Kali Mas. They were called Sura and Baya. Sura was a shark. Menawhile, Baya was a crocodile. They were friends and lived in peace and harmony. They ate a lot of fish together everyday. They ate very greedily. So, the population of the fish and shrimps  decreased quickly. 

Baya and Sura were often hungry. They often fought over the food. They forgot their friendship. Baya and Sura were equally very strong. None of them won the fight. Realizing this, they became reconciled. They want to live in peace and harmony as before. 

Baya and Sura agreed to divide the river into two. Then, they made a border using mud and sand. Baya lived upstream and Sura lived downstream. They looked for foods in their own areas. They did not fight over the food anymore. 

The dry season came. There was no water anymore in the downstream. But there was still enough water in the upstream. So, Sura entered upstream to look food. However, Baya got angry to see Sura look for food in his area. Sura explained that he could not lved in downstream because there was no water in there. Baya did not care. He asked Sura to leave his area. 

Knowing this, Baya and Sura fought again. None of them won the fight. They were equally strong. A lot of people came to the bank of the river. They saw the fight. Finally, Baya and Sura died. An old man talked to people. This event we see today is rare. So, to remember this event, I name this place after two animals, that is Surabaya. 

Those people agreed. So up to know, people call the place Surabaya.

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