Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Report Text : Chinese Culture Influences

Report Text is a kind of factual genre. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between Report text and Descriptive text. The first point we should be aware of is the general definition and the classification of each subject that we intend to write in the form of reported text.

Here is the example of Report text. It is about the influence of Chinese Culture. It is just simple example. Please, develop and try to make Report text by your self.

Chinese Culture Influences

Chinese culture played a truly significant role in the development of visual art in Indonesia.Many Chinese culture form of artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. The Chinese influence was restricted to an adapted form. 

The architectural element in some temples for instance, reveal Chinese influence. It is identical to the original models form found in mainland China. 

In Gianyar Bali, strong links between the Chinese and local people are evidenced by the Chinese Style roofing on the palace that was rebuilt at the end of the last century. 

In Cirebon, China designs were copied by local ceramics and painting. Chinese influence also occurs in textile, furniture, and household appliances.

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