Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anecdote : A Terrible Street Preacher

Hello readers, we are very glad to see you again. In this occasion, we present the example of Anecdote. You can use it as a reference and hopefully you can write your own Anecdote. Writing anecdote is easy. It is based on your personal experiences. Well, let us see the example below!

A Terrible Street Preacher

Guess what happened on the way to school this morning? I couldn't believe it! This street preacher almost got killed.

I am on the bus coming down Orchid Street, late as usual, and this little bloke just steps in front of the oncoming traffic at the lights. He starts shouting at all the drivers about the end of the world and being prepared to meet their maker and so on. Then all the cars start honking and people are yelling "Get off the road!" But no, the bloke just keep walking up and down inside these placard things telling everyone to repent and prepare fotr the end of the world. 

It was really amazing. 

Well, he isn't looking and suddenly this cyclist comes racing between the kerb and the bus and ploughs straight into him. the little man lies there all tangled up in his placards and I am thinking "oh no, he's dead." Then suddenly he sits up and brushes himself off and starts again, walking up and down and raving. I think the police must have taken him off after that. 

I mean he was really mad but how's that for commitment?

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