Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Report Text : Hotel

Hello readers, how's life?

Understanding genre for high school students is very important. Students must know and understand the text types well. One of them is Report text. Report text is a kind of  factual genre. This is the example of Report Text. You can use it as a reference. I hope you can write your own Report text after read this example. 


People usually need to stay in a hotel for one or two days if they travel far from home. They sometimes need hotels when they arrive in towns late at night. They need to stay as they do not have any family there. 

Hotels are places that provide lodging and it is sometimes provide meals and various personal service for the hotel guests. A good hotel provide many comforts and conveniences. Agood hotels also provides best services to the visitors. 

Hotels with hundred rooms are common. People can find the advertisements of the hotels in newspaper, brochures, magazines and internet. Downtown hotels survive because of some reasons. First, business travelers wish to stay close to the offices they plan to visit. Second, the location of the airport is near from the hotels. 

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