Thursday, September 13, 2012

Narrative Text : How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck

Hello readers! Nice to see you again. Understanding Genre constantly give you examples of genre as a references for you at school. 

In this occasion, we present an example of Narrative text in the form of Myth. Are you still remember what is Myth? A myth is a story about natural phenomenon. And here is the example of Narrative text entitled How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck. Let us see together!

How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck

Many years ago, when giraffes had short necks, they had to climb tress for food. 

One day, Fred giraffe climbed a large tree for a tasty morsel on the top branch. He grabbed it with his mouth but he slipped and was dangling by his teeth. His friend, Tom giraffe, came walking by and saw Fred hanging. So, Tom pulled Fred's legs and stretched his neck until Fred was standing on the ground with his head in the tree tops. 

From then on, all giraffes had long necks.

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