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Example of News Item Text (News Story) : Killer Cyclone Wrecks 4 Town

Another kind of factual genre is News Story. Some linguist call news story as a news item text type. News Story is a kind of factual genre which inform the readers of daily newspaper about events of the day which are regarded as newsworthy or important. 

Newspaper need to make the news as readable as possible in order to attract as many readers as possible. More readers means more money from advertisers and wider circulation of the newspaper. 

News story especially the ones published in afternoon newspaper, often make the events of the day as dramatic or as sensational as they can in order to make more people buy them. 

News story has three schematic structures (generic structure). News story begin with newsworthy events and then followed by background events and sources. The most difficult things is deciding the newsworthy events because it is the core of the text. 

News story has some specific language features. First, news story use short and telegraphic information about the story summarized in one sentence headline. Second, It use of material or action process to retell the story. In addition, news story also use of projecting verbal process in “Sources” stage. Besides that, news story also focus on circumstance meaning. Last but not the least, news story often use dramatic of participant structure, especially in thematic position.

To make clear, here is an example of News Story (News Item Text). It is taken from the front page of Telegraph 5 April 1989. It informs us about killer cyclone wrecks 4 town. 

Killer Cyclone Wrecks 4 Town
By Rick Feneley and Lisa Scott

Troops started moving into devasted northern Queensland last night to help clean up after Cyclone Avivu left  a toll of misery with one man dead, 40 injured, more than a hundred homes destroyed and cane fields flattened. (Newsworthy Events)

Helicopter, Trucks, sandbags, tarpaulins and electric generators were rushed into declared disaster areas immediate response to reports of widespread damage. Winds of up to 210 km/h just as intense as Cyclone Tracy which devastated Darwin ripped through the towns of Ayr, Home Hill, Brandon and Clare in the Burdekin District yesterday. At least 100 homes in the tiny sugar town of Ayr were uprooted. (Background Events)

An elderly man who was sheltering in his caravan near Ayr drowned when a huge gust picked up the van and hurled it into a creek. Another man was reported missing, feared drowned, at Bowen. At nearby Home Hill, Peter and Jennifer Dennis watched in horror as their home collapsed around them and their babies. (Background Events)

Gino Pegoraro, 53, of Home Hill, wept as he surveyed his ruined house. Gino thought he heard his shed falling apart. “I put my head around the bathroom door…and I knew it was my house that had gone.” (Sources)

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